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Party Cliks Photo Booth Hire on Anglesey: Welcome to Party Cliks

Welcome to Party Cliks, your premier destination for high-quality photo booth experiences in Anglesey. We specialise in providing top-notch photo booth and Photo Pod hire services for weddings, birthdays, corporate events and special occasions. Our mission is to add an extra element of fun and excitement to your events, creating unforgettable memories for you and your guests.
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About Party Cliks

At Party Cliks, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional photo booth experiences tailored to suit the needs of our Anglesey clients. With years of industry experience, we understand the significance of capturing those unique moments and transforming them into lasting memories. Our dedicated team ensures professionalism, quality, and customisation in every event we cater to.

Our Photo Booth Services

Explore our diverse range of photo booth hire packages designed to enhance various events across Anglesey:

+ Classic Photo Booths: Ideal for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events, our classic photo booths feature high-resolution cameras and customised backdrops.

+ Green Screen Photo Booths: Transport your guests to any location with our green screen photo booths, adding a touch of creativity to your event.

+ Selfie Pods: Our compact selfie pods are perfect for intimate gatherings or events with limited space, providing instant photo-sharing capabilities.

+ Photo Pods: Stylish and sleek, our photo pods capture candid moments using AI green screen. Taking Pictures, GIF's and Boomerangs.

Why Choose Party Cliks

When you select Party Cliks for your event, you can expect:

+ Professionalism: Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering seamless service from setup to breakdown, ensuring a stress-free experience for you and your guests.

+ Quality: We utilise cutting-edge technology and premium equipment to guarantee clear and vibrant photos for every occasion.

+ Customisation: Tailored packages are available to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your event reflects your unique style and vision.      We great selection of photo booths covering all types of events from Rustic weddings to a James Bond Night or Las Vegas Party!

Customer Satisfaction

At Party Cliks, we prioritise customer satisfaction above all else. Our friendly and attentive staff are committed to providing exceptional service at every stage of your event journey. From initial inquiries to on-site support, we go above and beyond to ensure that your photo booth experience exceeds expectations.
Our job while running the booths is to make sure everybody knows how the booth works and how to take some great pictures. We are also there to make sure your guest book is full at the end of the night. We make sure each duplicate picture is placed in the album and that your guests, family and friends leave a message for you!

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Anglesey Audio Guest Book
FAQs - Anglesey Photo Booth Hire
1. How does the booking process work for Photo Booth Hire in Anglesey?
  • To book our Anglesey Photo Booth for your event, first you need to decide which Booth or Pod would suit your occasion and secondly your venue. We have 9 booths to choose from. Four rustic booths perfect for weddings. 2 Brown rustic booths and 2 white washed. Simply decide which suits your venue the best! We also offer themed photo booths ideal for parties and celebrations. We have a 007 bond booth, a Las Vegas Booth and also an art deco Gatsby booth!

2. What packages do you offer for events in Anglesey, especially for weddings?
  • We offer a variety of packages to suit different events and budgets, including specialised packages for Anglesey weddings.
  • We have 3 types of hire, drop off whereby we setup the booth and leave it unmanned for the nights hire. These are for our Photo Pods which will send all the pictures and videos direct to you phone. You shall also receive a digital album of the nights entertainment including every shot taken that night! This album can be shared with family and friends. This package does not include prints.
  • Our second package is unlimited prints on any booth or pod. This option comes fully manned and the booth shall provide unlimited prints and photos to you guest all night. A digital album is provided.
  • Our third package is unlimited prints, fully manned with either the pod or booth. This option comes with a guest book to suit your occasion. Every print shall be printed twice, one for your guest the second for your album. We shall also prompt for family and friends to leave a message in the album. At the end of the night your guest book shall be full of every shot and all the good wishes and messages from friends and family. A digital album is also included.

3. Can I customise the photo booth experience for my Anglesey wedding?
  • Absolutely! We understand that each event, especially some venues in Anglesey are unique! You can customise the photo booth backdrops, print templates, and even add your wedding logo or branding or colours. At the end of the day we are here to add to your day, making it a day to remember. Using our green screens on the booths means that each  picture is different from the last. Perfect for your guest book.

4. Is delivery and setup included in the Anglesey Photo Booth hire fee?
  • Yes, delivery and setup are included in our Anglesey Photo Booth hire fee. Our team will ensure that the booth is set up and ready to capture memorable moments well before your event begins or a time that fits in with your day.

5. How much space is required for the photo booth setup at my Anglesey wedding?
  • Our photo booth setup is flexible and can fit into various spaces. Generally, we require an area of approximately 4x8 feet, with access to a power source. If you have specific space constraints, especially for your Anglesey wedding, feel free to discuss them with our team during the booking process.

6. Are props included in the rental for Photo Booth Hire in Anglesey?
  • Yes, we provide a fun assortment of props to enhance the photo booth experience for you and your Anglesey wedding guests. On our pods we have digital props as well as our fun hand signs which are included with our walk in booth. Together with our green screen, you'll be sure to get a perfect shot!

7. Can I view and download the digital photos after my Anglesey wedding event?
  • Certainly! All digital photos taken during your Anglesey wedding event will be made available to you for viewing and downloading. For our pods you'll have your own digital album with every shot taken from pictures, GIF's and Boomerangs. You'll receive an email link with all your pictures from the walk in booth.

8. What safety measures do you have in place, especially considering the past pandemic?
  • The health and safety of our clients and guests are our top priorities, particularly during events like weddings in Anglesey. We follow all relevant guidelines and take necessary precautions, including sanitising the booth regularly, providing hand sanitisers. Our hand sign props are now the only ones we use as the can be easily cleaned. Hats, wigs and glasses are difficult top clean hence why we don't include them with packages anymore.

9. Do we get prints as standard with Anglesey Photo Booth Hire?
  • Yes, our walk in photo booth packages for events in Anglesey including weddings, include standard prints. You can choose the number of prints and the print size based on the package you select.

10. How does the Guestbook work for Anglesey weddings?
  • The Guestbook is a delightful addition to your Anglesey wedding. Our attendant will place a copy of their photo strip in the Guestbook along with a personalised message. It serves as a cherished keepsake for you to remember the special moments shared by your Anglesey wedding guests.

11. Do we have a choice of prints for Photo Booth Hire in Anglesey?
  • Certainly! You have the option to choose from a variety of print templates to match the theme of your Anglesey event, especially weddings. We have 2 sizes strip prints like a tradition photo booth, these are 6x2'' and our 6x4'' shots. All include 3 pictures and details of the day.

12. How big are your photo booths for Photo Booth Hire in Anglesey?
  • Our photo booths are designed to be compact yet spacious enough to accommodate various group sizes at events in Anglesey including weddings. The exact dimensions are 4ft x7ft for our walk in booth. The pods are much smaller and stand 5ft tall cover a space of 3ft x 3ft. You will have to take footfall into account.

13. How many people can fit in the photo booths for Photo Booth Hire in Anglesey?
  • Our photo booths are spacious enough to comfortably fit 4/5 people, making group shots and fun poses a breeze at events in Anglesey especially weddings. We have had 8 people in the walk in booths at a squeeze! Our photo pods give more room and can take shots with over 10 people in the picture.

14. How long does it take you to set up for Photo Booth Hire in Anglesey?
  • Our experienced team typically takes approximately one hour to set up the photo booth for events in Anglesey. We ensure everything is in place and ready to go well before your event starts.

15. Do you stay with the photo booth during Photo Booth Hire in Anglesey?
  • Yes, a friendly and knowledgeable attendant will be present throughout your event in Anglesey to assist guests, ensure smooth operation, and address any questions or issues that may arise. This is the case whenever we have prints. We do offer a drop off service for digital media only.
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Get in Touch

Ready to elevate your event with our unique photo booth hire services in Anglesey? Contact Party Cliks today to reserve your date and secure your spot. Our friendly team is available to answer any questions and assist you in selecting the perfect package for your event needs.

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